Our Team


Hi, I'm Kyla! I'm majoring in Health and Disease with a double minor in Immunology and Psychology. I joined StrengthIN because I value the importance of mental health. I want to ensure that students have access to tools and resources that I didn't have, as I know how helpful they can be in preventing mental health problems. I love reading, playing basketball, and watching Netflix in my spare time. My goal in this organization and beyond is to help make the world a happier, healthier place for all.

Kyla Trkulja



I am Shreeyaa, a third-year undergraduate student specializing in Neuroscience and majoring in Psychology, and I am excited to be serving as the Co-President for StrengthIN this year! I am passionate about promoting mental health awareness among students and hope to use my science background to encourage meaningful conversations about self-care and emotional well-being. Outside of classes, I take part in cognitive neuroscience research and volunteer with local organizations. In my free time, I like to read fiction and play Basketball whenever I can!


Shreeyaa Ramana



Victoria is 3rd year student at the University of Toronto doing a Specialist in Sociology and a major in Urban Studies. This past year she was an academy member at the School of Cities, where she demonstrated her passion for creating more inclusive and less isolating urban spaces. With her MHFA certification, Victoria hopes to help support students during their transition to university life through our workshops this year! (she also enjoys baking, reading, and photography when she isn't drowning in assignments)

Victoria McCutcheon

Vice President


My name is Sabrina and I am the second year representative for StrengthIN. I am a Psychology specialist and excited to advocate for education regarding student mental health!

Sabrina Tang



Hi everyone! My name is Ayesha and I am one of the creative directors for StrengthIN this year. I am in my third year majoring in Neuroscience with minors in Biology and Psychology. I am passionate about mental health and mental health awareness. I want to make resources more accessible to students especially now when students are feeling more isolated than ever. I’m looking forward to a great year filled with fun and informative events!


Ayesha Rashidi

Creative Director

Rhidita  (2).jpg

Hello! My name is Rhidita and I am one of the Outreach Directors for StrengthIn this year. I am a second year undergraduate student at UofT studying life sciences. I was part of StrengthIn last year as a 1st year representative and I am so excited to be back on the team this year. I hope to work with the motivated members of this club to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness, improve wellness and mental health among the student body, and reach out to as many high schools as possible to spread the message of the club.

Rhidita Saha

Outreach Director


My name is Alexandra and I’m one of two Outreach Directors for StrengthIN. I’m a second year Rotman Commerce student specializing in accounting. I’m passionate about mental health and want to end the stigma surrounding mental illness by educating youth and other university students. In my spare time, I love to read, watch Netflix, and practice karate. 

Alexandra Spurvey

Outreach Director


Alisina Fatemi

Marketing Director

Alisina is a second-year student at UofT majoring in Neuroscience and Psychology. He has always wholeheartedly been passionate about helping others and making a positive impact in their lives. Knowing many people who have suffered with mental health issues in addition to having experience in counselling and studying about mental illness, he is proud to be part of the StrengthIN team as marketing director, working to help create a community full of self-love and care, raising awareness about mental health, and making sure no one is alone and that you are taking good care of yourself. In his free time, he enjoys watching and playing soccer and hockey, as well as studying topics related to philosophy and the mind.


Arina Bogdan

Executive Support Director

I’m Arina, a first-year Master of Public Health: Health Promotion student. As a Registered Nurse and public health student, my aim is to address social norms surrounding mental health; that is, to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health challenges, and advocate for more accessible mental health services. I am especially passionate about incorporating the arts and sciences into everything I do 😊 Outside of class, I can be found painting, watching basketball (let’s go Raptors!), or hanging out with my cat named Toast.


Karen Kan

Executive Support Director

Karen is a second year Political Science and History major. She is a strong advocate for mental health, particularly amongst young people. Karen often emphasizes the importance of prioritizing yourself above all else. As one of the Executive Support Directors, Karen hopes to expand StrengthIN across campus and into the Greater Toronto Area. She believes the resources connected with StrengthIN can provide the necessary support and mental health education for many individuals. In her free time, Karen enjoys baking, visual arts, and discussing social justice issues. Karen is also involved with AIESEC, a non-profit organization which aims to develop young leaders through global exchanges.


Shaman Kaleem

Executive Support Director

Shayaan is a first year student studying Life Sciences at the University of Toronto. His background in mental health research drove him to join StrengthIn as he has seen first-hand how hard it can be to overcome mental health issues. More broadly, Shayaan aims to use research to make a difference in the world, whether it be through his study of esophageal cancer or by assessing the impact of COVID-19 through project he is currently conducting with Harvard University. In his free time, Shayaan will often be found at the gym. While he may skip math lectures from time to time, he has not, and never will, skip leg day.


Abby Sundquist

Executive Support Director


Hi, I’m Abby. I am in my second year at UofT and am majoring in Neuroscience and Psychology. I am so excited to be an Event and Creative Director for StrengthIN. Advocating for mental health awareness is an amazing initiative and I am so happy to be a part of it. When I’m not studying I love reading, ballet, horseback riding and watching Netflix.