Where are you Focus?

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Are you here Focus? Under the bed? Over the

moon? Where are you? I heard that you were

afraid. What are you scared of?

The mind is the greatest wanderer. It travels

more miles than an airplane. It is quicker than an

owl swooping down for its prey. The mind is

relentless and wraps its claws around its meal,

deaf to its whimpers.

Why do you fly away without warning? I’ve

been enjoying your company but you have

abandoned my party, leaving me alone with

cold, bitter tea. Ironically, you have sought

refuge in a barren, broken land. The trees have

sunk and the air smells of gunfire. Why don’t

you have some milk in your tea? Stay with me!

Without you, Time has decided that I smell. He

no longer sits beside me.

Come back Focus!

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