Blog Submissions

Want to share a personal mental health experience or anything you're passionate about in terms of mental health and wellness? Share it with us and we may just post it on our blog! It can be anything-from a typical blog post, to poems, stories, illustrations, photos, or even tips you would like to share - feel free to get creative! We accept submissions year-round.

We have just a few guidelines: refrain from using any terminology such as "crazy" or "psycho" when you're describing anything to do with mental health or mental illness, make an effort to use trigger warnings ("TW's") if you're talking about sensitive or traumatic content such as self-harm, rape, or suicide, and overall try your best to be as politically correct as possible! Your posts will be revised by our team for submission, and a kind reminder that it will not be accepted if it does not follow the guidelines.

We want to thank you for contributing to StrengthIN and for taking the time to create a wonderful blog post for the mental health community! All accepted submissions will be posted on our website: